Statutory Policies

2020 Clyst Hydon admissions policy

2021 Clyst Hydon admissions policy


Polices to be reviewed 2023-2024

2021_January_COVID_policy_appendix 3

accessibility-plan 2022

Acceptable Use of Mobile Phones and Cameras Policy 2023

Aims values and Ethos 2020-2021

Anti-bullying and anti-cyber policy 2023

Behaviour policy – Covid-19 guidance V2 21.5.2020

Capability Policy July 2020

Charging and Remissions Policy 2021

CH Child protction policy 2021-2022

CH Model Pay Policy 2021

 CH-Behaviour-Policy-March 2022

Children in Care Policy

Clyst Hydon Finance Policy

Confidentiality Policy 2023

Data Protection Policy 2022

E Safety Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Equality Objectives Statement (1)

Equality Policy

First Aid Policy May 2021

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Governors Allowance & Expenses Policy 2021

Grievance Policy & Procedure July 2020

Home school agreement 2019

Information Security Incident Management Policy

Information Security Policy 2022

Information Sharing Policy 2021-2022

Intimate Care Policy

Model_CP_and_Safeguarding_Policy_SEPT_2021 (2)

Pandemic influenza

Preventing Radicalisation Policy 2020

Privacy notice Redundancy Policy

Retention and Disposal Policy 2021

Teaching & Learning Policy 2021

Virtual attendance policy

Volunteers in schools guidance

Work Experience Policy

Policies to reviewed 2024-2025

Acceptable Behaviour Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Complaints Policy & Procedure 2021

DBS Disclosure Policy Disciplinary Policy

DPIA Policy 2019

Drugs and Alcohol Misuse Policy – June 2019 – Copy

Exclusion Policy

Flexible working

Foundation Stage Policy – June 2019

Governor visits policy


Habitual or Vexatious Complaints Policy

H&S and Wellbeing Policy

Managing Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy 2024-2025 – Copy

Managing Information Disclosed During Employment Policy – Copy

Managing Sickness Absence Policy 01.11.19 – Copy

Managing Unreasonable Behaviour Policy & Guidance – Copy

Maternity & Adoption Support Leave Policy 2020 – Copy

Maternity policy 2020

Maximising Attendance & Managing Sickness DCC Guidance 2021

Policy for Banning Parents from Site – July 2019

Privacy Notice – Copplestone Primary School

Probationary Policy

Reasonable Force to Control & Restrain Policy – June 2019

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Retention and Disposal Policy 2021

Social Media Use Policy

Staff leave and absence policy 2021

Support Staff Appraisal Policy 2020 (1)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy July 2021


Management of Outdoor Ed

Policies to be reviewed 2025-2026

Attendance Policy 2021- 2022

Whistle Blowing Policy

Additional polices an information

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

SEN Funding Evaluation tool

Religious Education Policy