COVID-19 Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Also known as: SARS-CoV-2, 2019 Novel Coronavirus, nCov
COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus.
  • Symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are a cough, a high temperature and shortness of breath.
  • Simple measures like washing your hands often with soap and water can help stop viruses like coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading.
  • There’s no specific treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19). Treatment aims to relieve the symptoms until you recover.
  • It’s not known exactly how coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads from person to person, but similar viruses are spread in cough droplets.
(source: NHS)

Please follow the links to access documents and websites that you may find useful during the school’s closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak. (If the links do not work, please copy and paste the address into your own web browsers).

Visit the Government’s own website that contains a wealth of information

Letter and advice for parents/carers (issued 23rd September 2020)


The e-Bug project is led by Public Health England and has a dedicated webpage for learning resources on hand washing and respiratory hygiene.

Please encourage each other to follow the 20 second handwashing routine, accompanied by a song such as Baby Shark, Happy Birthday or similar.

Hand washing with soap uses a mechanical action that will help loosen bacteria and viruses from the skin. Drying hands afterwards makes the skin less hospitable to the virus. If you are outside and do not have any water, you can use a hand sanitiser, but remember the friction created by washing your hands with soap and water is far more effective than using a hand sanitiser alone.

Please remember to socially distance by at least 2m if you are outside taking exercise such as a walk, run or cycle ride. Do not cough or sneeze on anyone else, use a tissue or the ‘crook’ of your elbow. Always wash your hands thoroughly when you have been outside.

Please be aware of a number of scams that are currently operating, preying on the more vulnerable in our society. For information on these please see the attached sheet, this will be update as more information becomes available.

Mid Devon District Council, in association with Devon County Council, Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) and Navigate Charity, have launched a Local Support Fund to support those whose financial situation has been affected by the current pandemic and are now out of cash for basic essentials for their household.

The Mid Devon COVID-19 Support Fund can provide small emergency payments to help with basic essentials such as food, household essentials, electricity and gas, etc., to help people in financial difficulties if:

  • They run their own business, and cannot currently trade / their business has been drastically reduced because of the pandemic
  • Their employment situation has changed and their income now no longer covers needs
  • They have lost their job due to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • They have still not received expected government funding (i.e. self-employed)

If you are a Mid Devon resident and have been affected financially by COVID-19, and can demonstrate a need for immediate short-term financial help, you can apply for a grant online at or phone the Community Support Helpline on 01884 234387 for help to fill in an application form.

MD Covid19 Support Funds Mid Devon

East Devon Food Banks

Please contact East Devon District Council’s oronavirus Community Support Hub on 01395 571500 and you will be given details of food banks and other support groups in your postcode area.

East Devon District Council Services

01404 515606 or online, please access 

There are several community groups and town councils who can offer advice, please refer to the following numbers:


Community Emergency Response (ACER) helpline 01297 35550

Axminster Town Council 01297 32088

Budleigh Salterton

Budleigh Cooronovirus Support helpline 01395 446896

(Parishes inculde Colaton Raleigh, Otterton, East Budleigh + Bicton, Newton Poppleford + Harpford)

Budleigh Salterton Town ouncil 01395 442245


Prescriptions and shopping (Rev. Lythan Nevard, Cornerstone Church, Cranbrook) 07845 736420

Foodbank, vulnerable residents and general coronavirus queries (Cranbrook Community Development Worker) 07428 735861

Cranbrook Town Council 01404 514552 or 07746 909933


Exmouth Mutual Aid COVID-19 helpline 07494 462057

Exmouth Town Council 01395 276167


Honiton Coronavirus Support Group advice line 01404 384050

Honiton Town Council 01404 42957

Ottery St Mary

Ottery Community Volunteers 01404 600013 (and to offer help)

Ottery Help Scheme 01404 813041

Ottery St Mary Town Council 01404 812252


Seaton Corona Help 07391 214268

Seaton Town Council admin@seaton,gov,uk


Sid Valley Help 07378 964521 or 01395 892011

Sidmouth Town Council 01395 512424

Please only follow advise and information taken from trusted, official sources

Devon Family Advice Line

ECI have launched a new phone advice line for parents and carers across Devon on Monday 1 June. The number for the new service is 01392 949059 and it will be manned from 10 – 2pm Monday to Friday. People will be able to leave a message outside of these hours, or when the operators are all busy.

It will offer advice on a specific issue around their children and their family relationships, including any communication issues or conflict they are having with their partners or co-parents of their children. It is not meant to be a replacement for more targeted work, but just a way to offer people a place to be heard and a few tips on how to deal with a particular situation or to signpost them to an organisation which may be able to help them.