About us

Headteacher’s Welcome

At Clyst Hydon Primary School, we are proud of our students and staff and the positive, high quality learning environment they create together.  We provide a broad, balanced, differentiated and stimulating curriculum in which children are nurtured and developed into high achieving, confident and happy young people who enjoy learning, feel safe, make a positive contribution and are ready for secondary school.

Ours is a warm, kind and caring school, and we aim to offer the highest standards of teaching and offer a wide range of opportunities both within and outside the classroom.  Our teachers strive to be the very best that they can and we have a supportive programme of continuing professional learning.  We celebrate success as a whole community and encourage each other to achieve in a mutually supportive atmosphere. 

Clyst Hydon is a lovely school and our parents, pupils, staff and governors work extremely well together in ensuring that we are an exceptional community.  Please take the time to browse our website and contact us if you wish to visit to see the school for yourself.

Our School

There has been a school in the village of Clyst Hydon since 1620. The present school has continued since 1890. The school has a tradition of quality education and village and community involvement. We aim to maintain and continue those strong traditions.

Clyst Hydon School is an exceptional school, which provides a friendly, caring environment where each child is valued and can develop into a happy, motivated learner, prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges of future life.  Parents partner us in helping our children to acquire a love of learning and to become the best they can be.

Clyst Hydon Primary School aims to:

- develop capable, confident and caring children who embrace life

- teach each child to be creative, solve problems and communicate effectively

- provide a secure, inclusive setting for all children including those with disabilities

- promote awareness, respect and understanding of the attitudes, values and beliefs of others, while offering opportunities for personal reflection and questioning

- encourage all children to be healthy, physically active and environmentally responsible

- foster mutual support within mixed age classes

- encourage the children to participate fully in school life and contribute positively to the wider community

Our Pupils

We love coming to school every day.  We are a very kind and friendly community.  We respect ourselves, others and our school.  We work hard at everything we do.  We always do our best and never give up when something is hard.  We are gentle and caring towards each other.  We enjoy celebrating each others’ successes however big or small. We are very good at listening to each other.

We have a School Council, which involves us in making the school even better.  We are encouraged to talk about any aspect of school life from Anti-Bullying to buying new PE equipment.  We are encouraged to take on leadership roles in school from collecting and handing out registers, to giving out fruit and milk, to being classroom helpers, and being playground buddies when new children arrive.

Our Staff

Martin O'Mahony (Head of School)
Lindsay Hodder (Y3 & Y4 Teacher)
Wendy Janse Van Rensburg (KS1 Teacher)
Jane Trevelyan (Teaching Assistant)
Claire Earle (Club Supervisor)
Naomi Lihou (Meal time Assistant)
Ange Stevens (Administrator)

Our Curriculum

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As part of our curriculum overview we follow the Devon guidance for Religious Education shown below. We acknowledge all faiths and beliefs in the school and welcome the diversity and richness this adds to our community.

Our Governors

Iain Stewart (Chair Governing Body)
Vicky Morris (Vice Chair Governing Body)
Sam Rose (Clerk to Governors)
Kirsten Hopkins (Governor)
Pete Simmons (Governor)

Our School Association (CHSA)

As a school we benefit greatly from the enthusiastic support of parents and friends of the school. Clyst Hydon School Parent’s Association (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) holds regular events throughout the year to not only raise funds, but also to offer social activities that can involve the whole family. Each year they raise several thousands of pounds. In the past few years activities have included autumn festivals, quiz evenings, pancake races, the extremely popular Easter fair, easter egg hunts, skittles/games evenings, discos for the children to attend, themed discos for the adults, the end of term summer family-fun evening and other social activities. The money raised has helped to provide many items of equipment for the school as well as helping with the cost of days out and supporting our annual KS2 field trips. The staff are extremely grateful for the support they receive from School Association. The School Association meets three times a year near the beginning of each term. After the meeting, there is usually an opportunity to chat informally with other parents, friends and staff who have attended the meeting.

The School Association Committee

Gemma Barry: Chairperson

Naomi Lihou: Vice Chair

Lisa Simmons: Treasurer

Carol Wall: Vice Treasurer

Clare Sykes: Secretary

For further information on the CHSA, contact:





General Committee:

Jane Murray

Ali Cruwys

Ali Watling

Sarah Gleave

Our Clubs & Activities

Our Breakfast Club gives children an opportunity to experience social interaction prior to the school day beginning, including a healthy breakfast. This is complimented by an After School Club which offers the children activity sessions such as arts and crafts, playing with construction equipment or a 'quiet area' in which to read. If the weather allows, our staff will supervise the children playing outside for the first part of the evening prior to having their snack. We are able to cater for most dietary conditions, please see the Club Supervisor to discuss this further. All snacks are prepared freshly each day. Our staff are dedicated to giving the children the best possible experience whilst they are on the school premises.