Author: Sam Rose


Below is the New Governor Induction Checklist. It contains all the relevant information you need as you start on your path as a governor at Clyst Hydon School primary school. Some information will be emailed to you separately. Any queries please email the clerk

Meet the Chair

·         The Chair will contact you before the meeting and welcome you onto the board. The chair will answer any questions you may have and allocate you a mentor.

Meet the Headteacher

·          The Head of school will arrange a time, mutually convenient to you both, for you to have a tour of the school. The tour will give you an opportunity to see the school as a governor


Policies ·

Governor Information details 

Forms you are required to fill in as a new governor. Information gathered will be stored with the clerk and the relevant authorities where a statutory duty is being for filled.

Please supply identification to the administrator in school along with 2 references. An enhanced DBS check will be required for all governors to serve


  • Eligibility to Serve

Declaration of Eligibility Maintained Schools   

The Clerk will supply the below information

  •  Babcocks (form H)
  •  Edubase
  • Website -portfolio
Supporting Documents

You will find this information in the governor section of the website. Some formation is updated for every meeting and will be supplied to you 7 days before the meeting commences

  • ·         SIP
  • ·         Ofsted report
  • ·         Governance review
  • ·         Budget monitor
  • ·         Minutes to last meeting
  • ·         Governor action plans
  • ·         School Newsletter

·         Babcock support     

Babcocks will contact you once they receive your personnel information


·         New governor training

Course dates spring 2019

  • ·         Safeguarding and child protection training
  • ·         Prevent Online

See governor training

  1. Abense-and-Leave Spring 2022
  2. Anti-bullying-Policy
  3. 2020 Clyst Hydon admissions policy (2)
  4. CH Employee Code of Ethical Conduct
  5. CH equality-objectives action plan
  6. CH Code of Conduct for School Employees
  7. Out of School Club Lone Working Policy
  8. Clyst Hydon Offsite Visits Policy
  9. CH Behaviour Policy Dec 18
  10. Behaviour-Principles
  11. CH Data Protection Policy
  12. Clyst Hydon Business Continuity Plan – Copy
  13. e-safety-charter 2017
  14. E-Safety Policy
  15. privacy-notice-statement-sept-2014-7
  16. Sex and Relationship Policy 2019-2020
  17. capability-policy-2017-2019-PDF
  18. CH KCSiE Policy 2019-2020 (Stefanie Hastie)
  19. Clyst Hydon-Equality-Policy-2017-2020-pdf
  20. CH complaints procedure 2019 (1)
  21. policy for managing serial and unreasonable complaints (1)
  22. Disciplinary-policy-and-procedure-2017-PDf
  23. Whistle Blowing Policy
  24. Clyst Hydon Finance Policy 2019 (2)
  25. grievance-policy-Sept-2017
  26. H&S & Security Policy 2018
  27. Model School Charging-Remissions-Policy
  28. Pay-Policy-September-2017-PDF
  29. Teachers Appraisal –
  30. Template Report and Plan Teachers Appraisal
  31. Support Staff Appraisal
  32. SEND Policy 2018-2019
  33. Clyst-Hydon-SEND-Information-Report-2018-19
  34. Governor_model_expenses_policy 2019-2020
  35. Aims values and Ethos 2018-2019
  36. Privacy statement governing board 2018-2020
  37. Attendance Policy CH
  38. prevent policy CH (1)
  39. Home school agreement 2019
  40. Accessibility-Plan CH Jan 19
  41. Redundancy-policy-Autumn 2017-2021 PD
  42.  Conduct Policy for schools 2019-2022
  43. Exclusion-policy
  44. Supporting Children with Medical Conditions
  45. freedom-of-information-policy-2019


2018-2019 Documents

An agenda will be sent out to all governors via email.  The agenda will be 7 days advance of the meeting and will be agreed by the chair, clerk and head of school.


Standing agenda items will be:

  • Attendance at the meeting (apologies recorded)
  • Conflicts of business interests
  • Minutes from the previous meeting
  • Clerk update (House keeping)
  • Head Report
  • SIP Update
  • Safeguarding – including a one minute guide
  • Finance
  • Governor Roles Update
  • Polices

Agenda 2019-2020

Agenda_FGB 24 Sep 19

Agenda 2018- 2019


Agenda 2017- 2018