Clyst Hydon Primary School is unique for a number of reasons for a number of people...

As a school, our passion is developing and enriching the lives of all our children within the school and extra-curricular programme. All of this is why we are special and that is why we are proud of our motto:

"Love Learning, Love Life!"

Clyst Hydon Primary School

Our School

There has been a school in the village of Clyst Hydon since 1620. The present school has continued since 1890 and has a tradition of quality education and village and community involvement. We aim to maintain and continue those strong traditions.

Pupils at Clyst Hydon Primary School

Our Pupils

The mix of year groups within each class, together with the supportive environment created by the staff, governors, parents and the whole village community provide a learning environment within which each child can develop their potential and thrive.

Staff at Clyst Hydon Primary School

Our Staff

The school is currently in a Management Partnership with Devon Moors Federation, this will continue to be in place until at least July 2021. The teaching team continue to provide all children with an inclusive, inspirational, challenging and fully supported curriculum, both inside and outside the classroom.


Our Governors

The Governing Board at Clyst Hydon primary school contains professionals and parents who, alongside the Head of School and Devon Moors Federation Leadership team have a wealth of knowledge and skills that supports the school as it strives to inspire children to “Love Learning, Love Life!”

Mr Steven Mellor
Executive Head Teacher
(Devon Moors Federation)


Executive Headteacher’s Welcome

Clyst Hydon is a lovely school and our parents, pupils, staff and governors work extremely well together in ensuring that we are an exceptional community. A warm, kind and caring school, we aim to offer the highest standards of teaching and offer a wide range of opportunities both within and outside the classroom.

Please take the time to browse our website and contact us if you wish to visit to see the school for yourself.

Headteacher’s Welcome

Thank you so much for visiting our website and finding out about our vibrant school community here at the heart of Clyst Hydon. We are a small school but with big ambitions for our children, our staff and our wider school community. Our school and our curriculum are driven by our motto which is ‘Love Learning, Love Life’

This motto aims to ensure that our children have a really exciting and enriching experience here as they learn, progress and grow. It reflects our belief that as well as ensuring our children are really happy and successful learners, achieving their full potential in the core areas of the curriculum, we also aim to offer a rich tapestry of other curriculum experiences encompassing music, art, drama and sport, as well as frequent and meaningful opportunities to connect with nature and the wider world, so that our children experience success and joy in many areas of their lives. >>>see more

Joanna Rousseau
Head of School


Clyst Hydon Primary School
Clyst Hydon, Cullompton
Devon, EX15 2ND 

Phone/Fax: 01884 277255
Email: admin@clyst-hydon-primary.devon.sch.uk