Clyst Hydon Primary School

Head of School's Welcome

Thank you so much for visiting our website and finding out about our vibrant school community here at the heart of Clyst Hydon. We are a small school but with big ambitions for our children, our staff and our wider school community. Our school and our curriculum are driven by our motto which is ‘Love Learning, Love Life’

This motto aims to ensure that our children have a really exciting and enriching experience here as they learn, progress and grow. It reflects our belief that as well as ensuring our children are really happy and successful learners, achieving their full potential in the core areas of the curriculum, we also aim to offer a rich tapestry of other curriculum experiences encompassing music, art, drama and sport, as well as frequent and meaningful opportunities to connect with nature and the wider world, so that our children experience success and joy in many areas of their lives.

Joanna Rousseau
Head of School


In order to ensure that our children really do ‘Love Learning and Love Life’ we have 6 key values that we celebrate and develop in our children throughout the year. They are:



We instil in our children a wonder and curiosity about the world around them. We encourage our children to ask questions in order to know more, and to answer questions, even when they are not yet sure of the answers.



We believe that all our children are creative beings and we seek every opportunity to ensure that we are developing the ‘whole child’. We value the learning and the personal development that can be nurtured through creative experiences and therefore through our curriculum, through the connections and links we have, and through our enrichment opportunities, we find ways to introduce our children to music, art and drama experiences that will enrich their lives..

Confidence and Courage



We want our children to succeed in all they strive to do, and we support them to attain their full potential. However, we also seek to ensure that we provide our children with challenge in their learning. We encourage and support all our children to be courageous learners, having a go at all learning even when they initially think it is hard, keeping going when they encounter difficulties and seeing how great it feels to ‘get there’ when they might have thought it was too hard. We provide opportunities in and around our school for our children to show leadership and to grow in confidence by leading assemblies, reading out to the whole school, taking a key role in a club, taking
part in sporting contests, etc.



It is really important to us to help our children to CONNECT to the wider world of which they are a part. We take our connections to and our responsibilities for the natural world really seriously and seek to help develop children who care deeply about the natural world and their place within it. Every week we take a curiosity walk around the local area, asking questions about what we can see, hear and smell and observing and thinking about how the world changes week by week throughout the year.  We value diversity and encourage our children to understand the global world, developing tolerance and friendship and making connections with schools and children in different part of the world. We also value the local community of Clyst Hydon of which we are a part. We identify ways to go out into our community and invite our community in, so that our school is a vibrant heart of the community.



Caring about each other and enabling each other to flourish and grow in a safe and loving community is very important to us. We teach our children to have compassion in all their interactions, seeking to see things from other’s viewpoints and allowing other children to have different ideas, opinions and needs. Our school behaviour values of Be Safe, Be Ready and Be Respectful enable us to frame all our behaviour discussions around these areas, so that children understand why we have the school rules that we do.


Being able to communicate really successfully is a key life skill and we work hard to develop our children’s written and verbal communication skills. We use all learning as a way to develop and enhance our children’s vocabulary and we believe in helping children use the widest vocabulary possible across all subjects, both verbally and in written form. We ensure that children’s communication is always appropriate for different circumstances and give our children many opportunities to communicate with different groups for different purposes.

Please call the school office if you would like to visit our friendly and vibrant village school to find out more. I would be really happy to show you around and answer any further questions you might have.

Clyst Hydon Primary School

Our School

There has been a school in the village of Clyst Hydon since 1620. The present school has continued since 1890 and has a tradition of quality education and village and community involvement. We aim to maintain and continue those strong traditions.

Pupils at Clyst Hydon Primary School

Our Pupils

The mix of year groups within each class, together with the supportive environment created by the staff, governors, parents and the whole village community provide a learning environment within which each child can develop their potential and thrive.

Staff at Clyst Hydon Primary School

Our Staff

The school joined the Devon Moors Federation on 1st April 2024 following a successful Management Partnership. The teaching team and support staff continue to provide all children with an inclusive, inspirational, challenging and fully supported curriculum, both inside and outside the classroom.


Our Governors

The Governing Board of the Devon Moors Federation contains professionals and parents, who alongside the Head of School and Senior Leadership Team have a wealth of knowledge and skills that supports the school as it strives to inspire children to "Love Learning, Love Life!”

Clyst Hydon Primary School
Clyst Hydon, Cullompton
Devon, EX15 2ND 

Phone/Fax: 01884 277255
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